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Is a First Aid certificate needed in your job or volunteer position?

Taking a First Aid course in Sydney — aside from being a bona fide career booster — is helpful for many other reasons.

Read on to find the most compelling reasons to complete an accredited Sydney First Aid course.

Your Chance to Save Lives

Learning First Aid will enable you to step up in dire circumstances to potentially save the life of a friend, a loved one, or a complete stranger who is unlikely to remain a stranger.

An absolute game changer will be learning CPR — cardio-pulmonary resuscitation has been directly responsible for saving countless lives, significantly those that have been threatened by cardiac arrest, as well as many others.

If it had not been for prompt First Aid action, there are also many who would no doubt have lost their lives as a result of uncontrolled bleeding.

In an accredited First Aid course, you learn these life-saving skills. It won't turn you into somebody you're not but rather, it will empower you to think more calmly and clearly in an emergency.

You'll know how to help when you find yourself in a situation where someone is gasping for breath. You'll know what to do whether the cause was cardiac arrest, near-drowning, choking, asthma, or anaphylaxis.

With allergic reactions that trigger anaphylactic shock, you'll have the confidence to act and help stabilise the victim's condition and make sure that appropriate medical help is on its way.

You'll learn how to go about treating people who've had run-ins with dangerous critters — bites from snake bites, spider bites, bee stings, hornet and wasp stings… even shark attacks.

Helping to prevent precarious health situations from turning deadly is the aim of First Aid.

Make for Faster Recovery

By acting quickly and effectively in response to an illness or injury, you can dramatically reduce a person’s recovery time.

Essentially, you are helping the person get on the road to recovery, well before the ambulance arrives, allowing their healing to begin without delay.

Without your immediate action, the alternative could well involve further pain, damage, infection, and… well, you get the picture.

As you can imagine, someone who finds themselves in a medical emergency might be overwhelmed by a sudden sense of their own mortality.

Aside from relieving pain and other positive impacts on the patient's health, immediate First Aid along with your confidence and knowledge can go a long way toward alleviating their anxiety.

Safety First… and Foremost

A First Aid certificate is certainly going to help your career. Employers notice those who take responsibility.

The kind of expertise you'll acquire in your First Aid course is invaluable. It will prepare you for when things go wrong and, in addition, the training will also provide an added layer of safety for those near and dear to you.

As a First Aider, you become more attuned to noticing things around you that would heighten the risks of injury to those in the vicinity. This goes for when you're out and about, as well as in the home and in the workplace.

You're not seriously going to say 'no' to an opportunity to make your own home safer for your family.

On weekends away, your fellow adventurers will feel buoyed knowing a qualified First Aider has got their backs. And the same is going to be true for your work colleagues.

Not only are you going to be better prepared for emergencies, you'll also be able to spot an accident waiting to happen and more likely to know how to make sure it doesn't eventuate on your watch.

The Confidence to Care

With First Aid training under your belt, you become a more responsible member of your community. With your caring outlook prevailing, you'll feel more comfortable in any company.

First Aid knowledge will give you confidence, as well as the knowledge and skills to back it up. Comfortable, with no motivation to be bullying or aggressive, you will be confident and assertive in the most helpful of ways and ready to make a real difference in a medical emergency.

Taking up First Aid training can only lead to safer and healthier communities. No one can know if an accident or medical issue is about to befall them. There's no time like now to make the decision and get yourself enrolled in an accredited First Aid course.

Australia Wide First Aid specialises in courses that can help you get your certification in as little as one day. Prices are guaranteed to be the lowest available. If you find a cheaper course, run it by the call centre and they'll not just match it, they'll beat it by 10%.

If you’re ready to take a first aid course in Sydney, call today and get started.

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