What Is the Meaning and Importance of First Aid?

A First Aid certificate is a requirement for many Australian workers. Completing an accredited First Aid course could well give your job application the boost you're looking for. Australia Wide First Aid conducts training in many lcoations, including:

You'll find the face-to-face training at these locations — just 2 to 5 hours of  (depending on the course you choose) — combined with e-Learning that you do online and at your convenience, make for a streamline process that can help you get your First Aid certificate in as little time as one day! It's also 10% cheaper than anyone else.

What Does First Aid Mean?

First Aid's importance is recognised all over the world and its capacity to make a difference cannot be overstated. While preserving life is the primary objective, First Aid can also bring relief from crippling pain and prevent medical conditions from deteriorating until more advanced care arrives. A First Aid practitioner is often the first person on the scene who can take action. First Aid training focuses on being able to provide immediate care to sick or injured patients until full medical help is available. Administering First Aid promptly and effectively can make an undeniable contribution to a patient’s recovery. In an overwhelming number of cases, First Aid has been the difference between life and death.

Benefits of First Aid Training

First Aid training gives you the confidence to step in to help when an emergency occurs. The action you take by responding straight away, could save a life or prevent a person suffering permanent disability. Another benefit of having First Aid knowledge is being able to identify potential hazards. Prevention is always going to be better than a cure. Your senses, after First Aid training, will be alert to dangers. Minimising risk is invaluable, both in the home and in the workplace. Along with being able to determine the appropriate steps to minimise danger, you also become more attuned to assessing the safest emergency responses should they be needed.

When Is First Aid Needed?

In many lines of work, First Aid certification is a condition of employment. The workplace looms large — second only to our homes — when it comes to threats to our health. First Aid becomes an essential requirement wherever high-powered machinery poses a health threat to workers in its proximity. First Responder medical skills also play a central role in the responsibilities of any business or community operation that involves mass gatherings. This includes education centres, transport services, shopping malls, public swimming facilities, and more.

What's Involved in First Aid Certification?

When you successfully complete the required units of a First Aid module — from CPR to career-specific modules, such as providing emergency responses in education and care settings — you will earn your Statement of Attainment. The HLTAID003 - Provide first aid course is the minimum requirement for workplace compliance and, understandably, the most popular First Aid course. First Aid certificates issued by Australia Wide First Aid (RTO 31961) are recognised throughout every state and territory of Australia. This is the case when training with a Registered Training Organisation. Importantly, revisions to procedures are made from time to time and also to remain in compliance with national guidelines, such as those from the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC). For these reasons, as well as to ensure that skills and knowledge don't fade over time, First Aid certification is valid for set periods. First Aid certification for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (Provide CPR - HLTAID001) should be renewed annually. Certification for Provide First Aid and for Basic Emergency Life Support is valid for 3 years, as is Provide an emergency first aid response in an education and care setting – HLTAID004. Australia Wide First Aid also provides Group First Aid training. You can arrange for this to be conducted at your workplace, which also means the training can be customised to address the health and safety issues that are specific to your operations.

Don't Wait to get Your First Aid Certificate

Life-threatening incidents happen without warning — asthma attacks, anaphylactic shock, choking, cardiac arrests, and more. Knowing First Aid is the responsible option. Considering its importance to the community, as well as to friends, family and colleagues, First Aid training is, by no means, expensive. And with Australia Wide First Aid's Best Price Guarantee, you can get your certificate fast, as well as 1o% cheaper than any competitor's price. Search “First Aid course near me” now.

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