Look who we've teamed up with now!!!

In keeping with our holistic first aid focus we’re ecstatic to announce our partnership with Raynor College of Massage & Natural Therapies.

Quite simple really:

We love what they do - they love what we do

and, Together We’re Stronger!!!

Australia Wide First Aid are on a mission to educate every Australian how to save a life - that never changes!

What is changing is our focus to partner and promote some of Australia’s leading complementary health providers and educators.

Organisations we feel make a huge impact on disease prevention, and ultimately mitigating against adverse health events simply by assisting people to make vital lifestyle changes.

It’s no secret taking time out for regular massage improves the quality of our lives and increases our life expectancy.

The benefits of massage are endless including two areas that impact us all perhaps more than any in our fast paced, non-stop modern schedules:

  • Stress management
  • Improving quality of sleep

We have made a pact that whenever we cross paths with organisations like ours who we feel are making an undisputed impact on people’s lives we let as many people know about them as possible!

Following extensive discussions between Garry Draper (AWFA Founder), and Brandon Raynor (Raynor College Founder), it’s official – we are working together!!!

Raynor College are an international leader in the delivery of both hands-on intensive massage courses, and fully online massage courses.

Raynor massage is fusion of some of the most effective massage modalities on earth including Thai, Shiatsu, and Reflexology. The underpinning wisdom behind Raynor Massage is found in some of the most ancient health modalities on earth including Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayurvedic Medicine.

Brandon Raynor has travelled, trained, practiced, and taught his proprietary massage method throughout the world, and these days calls Australia home in between his many international mentoring and teaching commitments.

Anyone looking to embark on a career in massage should look no further and make Raynor College of Massage their choice!

Stay tuned for updates on our exciting partnership.


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