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AWFA yogo class
AWFA Staff yoga class – Image courtesy of the Courier Mail

Having set the benchmark in First Aid Training for many years, Australia Wide First Aid (AWFA) is evolving its First Aid focus to a more Holistic one, which now sees Health and Wellness front and centre.

AWFA’s internal staff have always enjoyed first- hand the benefits of its culture and its dedication towards creating a workspace that encourages the enhancement of its staff’s health.

AWFA Staff Perks have historically included:

  • Construction of a purpose - built hot yoga room for exclusive staff use. Classes delivered weekly by accredited instructors, within paid business hours.
  • Fresh Organic juices and smoothies delivered to staff daily
  • Corporate seated massage to staff
  • Participation in Qld Healthy Happy Workplaces Program
  • Personal Training classes delivered to staff weekly by accredited instructors
  • Flexible working arrangements for staff

In an exciting new development AWFA have broadened its longstanding internal Holistic Health and Wellness focus to now include partnering with some of Australia’s leading complementary health providers such as The Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA).

AWFA Founding Director Mr Garry Draper says it’s objective in doing so is to fill what he describes as the yarning gap in the existing first response model, which he describes as very one dimensional in that no attention is paid to promoting Complementary Health and Wellness modalities which are proven to mitigate against adverse health events, and accidents, or at least significantly reduce their rate.

Mr Draper said that from his personal experience, and that of seeing AWFA staff perform and live better- balanced lives as a direct result of increased focus on mind and body wellness, they are significantly less likely to suffer from adverse health events and or injuries at home and in the workplace. He said this is an exciting shift from focussing solely on how to fix someone once they are broken, to preventing them from getting broken in the first place.

Mr Draper added that “sure there will always be times accidents happen no matter how much an individual’s health and wellness is optimised, and for those situations we will continue doing what we do best which is equipping people with the most cutting edge first response knowledge and techniques”. He is convinced however that if people are healthier their minds are clearer, and their coordination is better it translates to less adverse health events and injures. He also believes that recovery durations are dramatically impacted for those in peak health, verses their counterparts with no exposure to complementary health and wellness modalities.

AWFA’s  progressive executive team including Mr Jason Lucas (CEO), and Melissa Dos Santos (National Operations and Human Resources Manager), are excited to drive this evolution in AWFA’s Health and Wellness focus and it’s shift from solely focussing on its internal staff to now promoting these powerful holistic lifestyle changes to its clients and the public at large by partnering with the countries leading Complementary Health Providers to promote them and their benefits.

It is the mission of AWFA that its clients live better and enjoy the same health benefits they have been enjoying, and the reduced likelihood of having an accident or adverse health event simply by making some very minor lifestyle adjustments.

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