We Have New Training Locations on the NSW Central Coast

AWFA is so excited to announce that we have two new training locations on the NSW Central Coast. These aren't your ordinary training locations - we will be setting up stumps at two stalwarts of the Central Coast scene.
AWFA is so excited to announce that we have two new training locations on the NSW Central Coast. These aren't your ordinary training locations - we will be setting up stumps at two stalwarts of the Central Coast scene.

Australia Wide First Aid (AWFA) is so excited to announce that we have two new training locations on the New South Wales (NSW) central coast – one in Gosford, and one in Tuggerah.

These two new training locations will nicely complement our mammoth list of NSW training centres – across the ‘Premier State’, we now have over 25 training locations, including Newcastle, Castle Hill, and the Hunter Valley.

At Gosford, we will be setting up stumps at the Gosford RSL Club. At Tuggerah, meanwhile, we will be calling Central Coast Group Training (CCGT) home.

Today, we will be looking at all the bells and whistles of our two new training locations on the NSW Central Coast. We will also be covering the history of AWFA in NSW, and what you can expect from an AWFA first aid training course.

The History of AWFA in NSW

Here at AWFA, we have been delivering industry-leading and nationally accredited first aid training since 1996.

From the outset, it has been our mission to make it easier for people Australia wide to learn first aid, and to contribute to the safety and wellbeing of communities throughout the country.

In the span of just 25 years, we have established over 75 training locations across Australia. And though we are headquartered in Brisbane, we have training centres in all the capital cities.

Approximately 25 of our training locations are concentrated in NSW alone. As with all our training centres, our NSW training centres are primed for our customers’ comfort and convenience, and to facilitate the learning process:

Parking and Transport

Most of our NSW training centres have onsite parking or, at the very least, available parking that is only a stone’s throw away. In any case, all our NSW training centres can be reached by public transport.


Our NSW training centres are styled in the way of spacious, open-planned classrooms and are kitted out with comfortable seating, drinking water, amenities, and hygiene measures in line with current infection controls.

We know that students learn best when they aren’t distracted by niggling thoughts like, “when was this manikin last cleaned?”, which is why we work tirelessly to prepare and maintain our NSW training centres for your ‘peace of mind’.


We pride ourselves on working with trainers who have a wealth of personal and professional experience in first aid situations, and a delightful personality to boot.

Our trainers are industry leaders who wield their real-world experiences and penchant for health and wellbeing to instil their students with the skills and confidence to assist in any medical emergency.


As we mentioned earlier, one of our new training locations on the NSW Central Coast will be based at Gosford RSL, a stalwart of the local dining, leisure, and entertainment scene. Gosford itself is an impressive player when it comes to the Central Coast region. Here are some interesting titbits about Gosford’s rich history:

  • Located 76 kilometres north of Sydney and 91 kilometres south of Newcastle, Gosford is the administrative centre and Central Business District of the Central Coast region.
  • Until white settlement, the area comprising Gosford was inhabited by the Guringai and Darkinjung peoples. The Guringai people were predominantly coastal dwellers – they lived along the foreshores to fish and hunt in the waters and surrounding hinterlands, respectively.
  • At one point during the early 1900s, half of Gosford’s fledgling population was made up of convicts.

Gosford RSL has formed part of Gosford’s social fabric since 1919, when it was established by Earnest Keith White. White once served as a Captain and Adjutant in the Australian Imperial Force.

Since then, Gosford RSL has been supporting the wellbeing, care, and compensation of current and retired Defence Force members, their families, and other vulnerable people in the Gosford community.

To this end, Gosford RSL is home to facilities and services that encourage conversation, mateship, and an appreciation for the finer things in life that money can’t buy – such as friends, family, and good food!

In fact, just some of the facilities on offer at Gosford RSL include:

  • A bistro and restaurant.
  • A café and coffee shop.
  • Darts.
  • Pool tables.
  • Function rooms.

Gosford RSL is also currently undergoing a $45 million upgrade project, the aim of which is to make the space even more contemporary, comfortable, and accessible for every member of the Gosford community.

So once you’re first aid certified, you can celebrate with a cheeky chicken schnitzel at the famous Luminous Brasserie.


Our other new training location on the NSW Central Coast will be based at Tuggerah Central Coast Group Training (CCGT), a not-for-profit organisation that specialises in employee recruitment, training, and management.

Though not as established as Gosford, Tuggerah is quickly emerging as a formidable player in the Central Coast region. For instance, it is the Business Hub, Major Shopping Area, and Financial District for the Central Coast Council.

CCGT itself was established in 1981 and, since then, it has used its longstanding community networks to successfully place over 4,000 people into medium to long-term employment.

What to Expect from AWFA First Aid Training

Here at AWFA, our primary objective is to help you become a confident and effective first aider.

As such, our first aid courses are split into two digestible chunks – an online eLearning component, and face-to-face assessed training.

The online eLearning component must be completed at least the night before your first aid course. It is a multiple-choice quiz that you can attempt as many times as you need. You’ll be supported through your learning with our free First Aid eBook, which we’ve curated with plenty of explanatory text and images that help clarify different first aid procedures.

Once you’ve breezed through the online quiz, you will be able to put your knowledge to the test under the guidance and support of an experienced AWFA trainer. The face-to-face assessed training will encompass a variety of first aid principles, including how to perform CPR, how to use an AED, and how to treat and bandage different stings, bites, breaks, and burns.

Our trainers are not just available to demonstrate proper first aid principles - they will check your technique to ensure that you leave the classroom with absolute clarity on how to manage different emergency scenarios.

Final Thoughts

Our new first aid training locations on the NSW Central Coast are based at Gosford RSL, Gosford, and Central Coast Group Training (CCGT), Tuggerah.

We couldn’t be more excited about the move – Gosford RSL is a stalwart of the local dining, leisure, and entertainment scene, while CCGT has been facilitating meaningful employment opportunities throughout the Central Coast since 1981.

AWFA has a long history in NSW, and all our NSW training centres are primed for our students’ comfort and convenience, and to facilitate their learning process. We have plenty of on-site parking and amenities, as well as strict hygiene measures in line with current infection controls.

What’s more, our trainers are industry leaders who use their expansive professional and personal experiences to help our students become the most effective first aiders possible.

Your first aid training session on the NSW Central Coast, together with the online eLearning component, will no doubt instil you with the confidence and know-how to assist in any crisis.

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