Doing First Aid Courses in Campbelltown

Manikins in place, ready for CPR training in a First Aid course
Manikins in place, ready for CPR training in a first aid course

Doing a first aid course in Campbelltown would likely involve at least one of two main objectives.

The first of these is learning how to become a confident and effective first responder at a medical emergency. The second objective is to improve or maintain your employment status.

Both objectives can be answered cost-effectively and in quick time at Australia Wide First Aid. Choose our popular Campbelltown location, or any of these training centre options in and around Sydney:



Castle Hill




St Ives

Sydney CBD

Sydney Olympic Park

A first aid student crosses one hand over another to perform CPR on a manikin
A first aid student crosses one hand over another to perform CPR on a manikin

Your confidence and competence in first aid is assured

Your confidence and competence in first aid is assured, thanks to an e-Learning quiz and a free eBook published by Australia Wide First Aid. Featuring explanatory text and images to clarify all aspects of first aid, this comprehensive first aid manual is yours as a free download. It’s also a handy cheat sheet for your e-Learning.

Having completed your e-Learning quiz, the next step is to attend hands-on training. You’re on the fast-track to a same day certificate with Australia Wide First Aid Campbelltown. Training and assessment is not going to be difficult in the company of an experienced trainer, as well as students who are there refreshing their first aid certification. Your assessment includes kneeling on the floor, as in real life, to perform around 2 minutes of CPR on a manikin. You’ll gain familiarity with the workings of an AED and also practise bandaging techniques. Students concerned about their physical ability to carry out these activities are advised to raise their concerns at the time of booking. One solution could be earning a statement of attendance instead of a statement of attainment. It’s easy getting to our Campbelltown training centre. Car parking can usually be found nearby. You’ll find the training centres listed above just as easy to access. Australia Wide First Aid training facilities and resources are managed in accordance with COVID-19 hygiene standards. Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to course start time. Late arrivals are generally denied entry as disruption affects the schedules of both attendees and venues.

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