Chart for Stroke Assessment

A stroke is a medical emergency in which the blood flow to a part of the brain is suddenly disrupted.

This can cause brain cells to die, as they rely on blood to receive life-sustaining oxygen and nutrients.

If a stroke victim does not receive prompt medical treatment, whole swathes of their brain can die, and they can sustain permanent brain damage and requisite physical, emotional, and intellectual complications.

The Stroke Foundation recommends using the F.A.S.T test (see below) to identify the main symptoms of stroke, and to assess whether a person is experiencing a stroke.

As such, if a person fails even one step of the F.A.S.T test call Triple Zero (000) for an ambulance.

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Stroke assessment FAST test

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Other First Aid Resources

For more information about the risk factors and signs of stroke, check out the National Stroke Foundation and their annual awareness campaigns, including National Stroke Week. And for additional details on identifying, preventing, and managing the symptoms of stroke, head to the following resources:

Our entire range of downloadable resources, meanwhile, and be found in our First Aid Chart library.

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