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With Australia Wide First Aid, it is easy to keep necessary First Aid Supplies and Equipment readily at hand. Our large range of First Aid Kits and Supplies are available to the general public. Stock up on everything you need to keep your loved ones and work colleagues safe and healthy.

For businesses, Australia Wide First Aid offers an on-site first aid kit restocking service. We’ll bring your first aid supplies right to your door, saving you the hassle and expense of an additional trip. For quality first aid training and supplies, you can always rely on Australia Wide First Aid. We also offer a innovative maintenance program, which effectively tracks all your first aid usage and provides you with the ability to forecast usage and increase your Return on Investment (ROI).

First Aid Kit Restocking

Australia Wide First Aid offers a unique restocking service, available to Australia’s organisations that require first aid audits. We now make it possible for your first aid kit/s to be replenished and maintained to relevant state and territory regulations using a simplified, cost-effective, end to end solution.

Our restocking consultant will identify your unique requirements via a first aid kit restocking form. Once the necessary first aid products are suggested and agreed on, we then customise your reorder form to specifically meet your individual first aid requirements, ensuring they reconcile with the relevant state and territory regulations.

Workplace First Aid Maintenance Program

Australia Wide First Aid (AWFA) will identify your unique requirements by completing a site audit. AWFA can then proceed with restocking on a scheduled service, which is completed in two visits. Initially AWFA will visit your site to check your first aid kits, rooms and equipment to determine what needs to be replaced. A report is sent to the contact person at your site for approval.