The family of a man who stopped breathing have a little more to celebrate this Christmas after he was revived by Poolwerx Joondalup employee Ian Hughes and paramedics.

Poolwerx Joondalup employee Ian Hughes recently had to apply what he learnt from an Australia Wide First Aid course when a man collapsed and stopped breathing.

On the 29th of November Ian was at a clients house looking at their pool when the homeowner collapsed. Ian was there alone with the man’s wife and he immediately started performing CPR when he realised the man wasn’t breathing.

Fortunately a number of PoolWerx employees, Ian inclusive, had undertaken an Australia Wide First Aid course in July at Belmont in Perth.

When the ambulance arrived the paramedics confirmed that the man had suffered a heart attack and his heart had stopped beating. According to tests carried out at the hospital his heart had only stopped for 40 seconds thanks to Ian’s efforts.

Members of the family are extremely grateful that Ian was in the right place at the right time and was able to help the man until the ambulance arrived. Christmas could have been very different if if he wasn’t.

The man walked out of the hospital last week and is now doing very well.

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