Club Italia Sporting Club Inc. 128 – 152 Furlong Rd, Sunshine, Victoria 3020

Situated along the Western Ring Road (M80).

Getting Here

CAR – FREE on-site parking


RAIL / BUS – 15 MINS – walk – The Sunshine railway station or use the connecting bus (Route 408) which operates every 20 minutes, stopping 400m from the venue.

Food & Refreshments

Water is provided throughout the day.

There is a 30-minute lunch break for courses running over 4 hours. No external food allowed. Alternatively, there is a Bistro onsite.

NOTE: To make sure you have enough time to comfortably sign in and complete enrolment documents, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your course commencement. You will need your USI number with you at the time of enrolment.

First Aid Training in Sunshine

Learning first aid is a great way to prepare yourself, your household, and your workplace for cases of emergency. Proper training equips you with the right set of tools, skills, and knowledge to offer assistance and, possibly, help save lives during a medical emergency. To make acquiring proper first aid training easy, Australia Wide First Aid holds affordable and regular first aid training courses in more than 20 locations across the country, such as in Sunshine, Victoria.

Australia Wide First Aid is a nationally recognised training organisation (RTO 31961), and students who have completed our courses receive certifications that are acknowledged anywhere in the country. In addition to our regular classes, which are held every day of the week, we also offer streamlined courses that take less hours to complete. What’s more, our trainers can hold group classes in our students’ address, providing each class with lessons that are suited to their home or work environment.

Our organisation places equal importance on convenience and quality of instruction. Our students can expect to get their Statements of Attainment within 48 hours of completing all their requirements. At the same time, our courses are taught following the guidelines set by the Australian and New Zealand Committee on Resuscitation (ANZCOR) and Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC). Our Provide First Aid course is also endorsed by no less than the Australian College of Nursing.

Sunshine, which is located some 12 kilometres west of Melbourne City Centre, is a multicultural suburb that serves as a base of operation for many businesses and industrial companies. The town earned a spot in the top 20 walkable suburbs in Melbourne, but it’s also an important hub for public transportation. Three rail lines—Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong—meet at Sunshine station, and in front of the station is a major suburban bus interchange for the city.

Club Italia Sporting Club Inc.
128-152 Furlong Rd, Sunshine
Victoria 3020

The training venue in Sunshine is easily accessible. It’s just a 15-minute walk from the rail and bus stations, and there is also free parking on site.

How Will Learning First Aid Benefit You?

Acquiring first aid certification can benefit you, your home, workplace, and community. It allows you to help out in medical emergencies, regardless of where the situation might take place. First aid certification makes you more likely to get into certain professions and industries, and it can also show a prospective employer that you have the drive to learn more and help others. Having someone who knows first aid can also be reassuring for your family and officemates, allowing them to relax in your home and do their job without worry.


How Can You Join a First Aid Class?

Australia Wide First Aid’s training courses are available for individual and group bookings, and we can accommodate students as young as 14 years old. After booking a course, paying in full, and providing a valid USI, students need to complete an online assessment on or before 11:59 PM, the night before their scheduled training. After completing all the requirements of the class, including the online assessment and the face-to-face training, students can expect to receive their Statements of Attainment via email. The certification typically arrives within 48 hours of completing the training.

First Aid Courses Offered in Sunshine

Australia Wide First Aid’s training location in Sunshine has both regular and streamlined first aid classes. These are:


Provide CPR

Knowing CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a basic step in providing first aid. This can be of great use in cases of drowning or cardiac emergencies. The online assessment for this class and its express counterpart takes about 2.5 hours, while the training itself lasts about 3 hours.

Includes: Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (HLTAID001)

Express CPR

Requiring 2 hours of face-to-face training, Express CPR covers the same skills taught in the regular course. This class is advised for those who want to renew their CPR certification.

Includes: Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (HLTAID001)


Provide First Aid

An ideal course for would-be first aiders, Provide First Aid covers basic CPR as well as providing first aid, managing casualties, and providing life support. The face-to-face training for this course lasts 8 hours.

Includes: Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (HLTAID001), Provide Basic Emergency Life Support (HLTAID002), and Provide First Aid (HLTAID003)


Express Provide First Aid

The streamlined version of the Provide First Aid course, Express Provide First Aid, requires 5 hours of face-to-face training and an online assessment that takes 8 hours.

Includes: Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (HLTAID001), Provide Basic Emergency Life Support (HLTAID002), and Provide First Aid (HLTAID003)

These 1-day courses are ideal for professionals and students who are either acquiring their Statements of Attainment for the first time or renewing their certification to keep it current. Take note that our streamlined courses are designed for those who have previously completed the regular version of the course. Rest assured that while our express courses take less time to complete, they still have the same coverage as their regular counterparts.

Sign up for a course with Australia Wide First Aid and acquire top-notch first aid training in a location near your home or workplace. For more information about the courses we hold in our Sunshine venue, call 1300 336 613 or email

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