Melbourne First Aid 101: Keeping Your Office Covid 19 Safe

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As many Melbourne companies are tentatively opening their doors to resume having staff operating onsite as the threat of Covid 19 decreases, it’s important for the health and safety of employees that the proper cleaning and sanitising procedures are being introduced. With the danger of person-to-person transmission through coughing or infected droplets on surfaces, it’s crucial for companies to be aware of the right hygiene steps to follow, so that staff remain safe and avoid transmitting any infection to colleagues, family or friends. To better ensure your workplace remains Covid 19 safe, we’ve provided a list of tips titled Melbourne First Aid 101.

Office Sanitising Procedures

It’s vital to be implementing sanitising procedures in your office on a daily basis during the Covid 19 pandemic. Before undertaking any cleaning, employees must be wearing disposable gloves. All surfaces should be wiped down with soapy water followed by paper towels and disinfectant or disinfectant wipes. With high touch surfaces, such as doors, elevator buttons, phones, sinks and taps, these need to be cleaned at regular intervals throughout the day.

When it comes to cleaning your electronic equipment, including tablets, laptops, desktops, keyboards and remotes, be careful to use specialised electronic wipes, so you don’t damage the surfaces.

Staff Hygiene Procedures

As children, most of us had good hygiene principles drummed into us by our parents from an early age. Unfortunately, these can slip in our day-to-day workplace routines as adults when juggling professional and personal commitments. Taking the time to properly clean your hands for 20 seconds after going to the bathroom, after mealtimes or even when moving between floors using lifts, can help to stop the transmission of Covid 19 in your workplace. If it makes it any easier to remember how long to clean your hands, it takes 20 seconds to sing the “Happy Birthday” song, although we recommend doing it quietly to avoid your workmates thinking you might be losing your mind!

Putting up signage in the office, kitchen and bathrooms reminding staff to wash their hands regularly, as well as providing sanitiser and antibacterial spray for their desks is essential for maintaining a hygienic environment. Making sure staff use their own utensils, plates and cups for meals is also critical and leaving antibacterial wipes next to the sink, coffee machine and water filter to clean taps and dispensers help to keep these areas sanitary.

Staff Safety Procedures & First Aid

It’s important to ensure all of your first aid staff are trained to recognise the symptoms of Covid 19, to help avoid transmission in your workplace and follow the right steps to isolate and arrange for treatment of anyone infected. Other safety procedures to implement include keeping the desks at least 1.5 metres apart and having screens installed between desks.

If you would like to arrange first aid training in Melbourne for your staff to increase their safety during Covid 19, contact Australia Wide First Aid on 1300 336 613. Our cutting edge courses are delivered by the very best trainer assessors the industry has to offer.

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