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Ipswich Corporate Office, Ground Floor, Suite 1, 16 East St Ipswich, QLD 4305


Ipswich Corporate Office, Ground Floor, Suite 1, 16 East St Ipswich, QLD 4305

The entry to the training venue is on ground level via east street.

Getting Here

CAR – Parking is available in and around the training venue, including; Ipswich Train Station and Wharf Street. For shorter courses, students can use the shopping centre parking located on East Street, under Woolworths.

RAIL – 1 MINS walk – Ipswich train station
BUS – 5 MINS walk – Bell street Interchange (500, 502, 503, 506, 509, 512, 529)

Food & Refreshments

Water, coffee and tea is provided throughout the day.

There is a 30 minute lunch break for courses running over 4 hours. You are welcome to bring your own lunch. Alternatively, there is a number of cafes and coffee shops in the area.

NOTE: To make sure you have enough time to comfortably sign in and complete enrolment documents, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your course commencement. You will need your USI number with you at the time of enrolment.

The tradition of first aid began more than two hundred years ago, but it is a discipline that is of no less importance today. In fact, with the technology available and the level of mastery achieved by those outside of the medical profession, the study of first aid has thrived. As a nationally recognised training organisation (RTO 31961), Australia Wide First Aid hopes to keep the discipline alive and make topnotch first aid training accessible to Australians.

As of this time, Australia Wide First Aid offers first aid training in 21 locations across the country. Though each venue is within easy reach of public and private transport, students also have the option of booking our seasoned training staff for face-to-face group sessions in their home or workplace. We are endorsed by no less than the Australian College of Nursing (ACN), so prospective students can be assured of our standards. First-timers may enrol in our regular modules, which span from basic first aid training to application of specialised techniques like cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Those who have already completed regular modules with us and wish to swiftly renew their prior first aid certification are eligible to enrol in our express classes. Upon completion of a first aid training course, students will receive a Statement of Attainment within 24 hours.

Ipswich, a riverside urban area in southeast Queensland, is home to one of Australia Wide First Aid’s key training locations. Its 200,000-strong population is on the upswing and is expected to double in the next decade. The city is also home to major railways, such as the Ipswich and Rosewood railways, and cultural treasures such as the Ipswich Central Library and Ipswich Historical Society. Aspects that animate the city are its coal mining industry and its rather humid climate, which sees very hot summers and powerful summer storms. Though these are the conditions that give the city life, they are also conditions in which strokes, bouts of faintness, and injury can occur.

Our Location

Ipswich is surrounded by the following suburbs: Woodend, North Ipswich, East Ipswich, West Ipswich, Tivoli, One Mile, Churchill, and Raceview. Students from any of these areas can easily reach our training venue.

The exact address of Australia Wide First Aid’s Ipswich training centre is:

Suite 1, Ipswich Corporate Office, Ground Floor
16 East St. Ipswich, QLD 4305

What is First Aid, and How Did It Originate?

First aid refers to a set of stopgap measures that are applied to someone undergoing a medical emergency, before additional medical assistance becomes available. The term “first aid” (in German, erste hilfe) was first coined in 1870 by a Prussian military surgeon named Friedrich von Esmarch, who formalised its use during the Franco-Prussian War. Today’s first aiders are meant to replicate the sensibility that was first carried out by soldiers, learning techniques such as bandaging wounds, treating burns, or applying advanced techniques like CPR.

New students will learn that these 3 basic principles, or 3Ps, will govern their first aid training: preserve life, prevent further injury, and promote recovery. The 3Ps are the driving force behind particular first aid techniques and in the students’ development of mental strength, compassion, and decision-making skills under pressure.

practicing CPR in a course

What Are the Benefits of Learning First Aid Now?

Learning first aid, and enhancing your knowledge of it over time, offers plenty of benefits. None are as obvious as when an actual medical emergency unfolds in real-time. If you have a loved one suffering from a health condition and who is vulnerable to sickness or injury, then you will be well-equipped to take care of them. You can also step in and play the part of a Good Samaritan if a stranger happens to fall ill in front of you.

Your first aid knowledge can also improve everyone’s general quality of life. Your home will be safer for it, and your office, club, or sports team can count on you as an asset. First aid also ensures your own health and wellbeing. For example, you’ll have better mental presence and awareness of how to help yourself if you are going around the city by yourself.

There is also the chance that your job prospects will improve. Some of our students enrol in our courses to gain Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points. Still, others attend our career-specific modules, such as anaphylaxis and asthma management for education and child care workers. But even if first aid training is not a prerequisite for your field of work, the credentials will still stand out on your resume. Your potential employers will assume that you have leadership and decision-making skills, and perceive you to be responsible and levelheaded.


How Does One Become a First Aid Provider?

A student is awarded ‘first aider’ status when they complete their chosen course and receive a Statement of Attainment. They can choose to attain proficiency in all-around first aid training, in particular techniques like CPR, or in specialised first aid methods like anaphylaxis and asthma management. First-time students may gain this credential from one of Australia Wide First Aid’s regular courses, while returning students may renew their prior first aid certification through an express course.

There is a minimum age requirement of 14 years old to enrol in our first aid certificate programs. All minors under the age of 18 must submit a form of consent from their parents. Upon completing all these course requirements, students will receive a Statement of Attainment that will be honoured anywhere in Australia.

First Aid Courses

Australia Wide First Aid offers 8 first aid training courses in its Ipswich training centre. Our catalogue of courses for this location includes:



This is a 3-hour course that will impart students with basic knowledge of CPR, including how to apply the technique properly, how to distinguish between cardiac and breathing-related emergencies, and how to use an automatic external defibrillator (AED) machine.

Includes: Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (HLTAID001).

express cpr

Express CPR

This is the fast-tracked version of the regular CPR course, shortened to only 2 hours. All returning students who wish to take this course must show proof that they have previously completed the regular module.

Includes: Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (HLTAID001). 

Provide First Aid

Provide First Aid

This is an exhaustive 8-hour course that will cover the minimum requirements of workplace first aid compliance. Some concepts to be taken up in this course are first aid response, CPR, life support, and management of casualties.

Includes:  Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (HLTAID001), Provide basic emergency life support (HLTAID002), and Provide first aid (HLTAID003).   


Express Provide First Aid

This is the express equivalent of Provide First Aid, shortened to 5 hours. It caters to students who wish to renew their first aid credentials more swiftly. All those wishing to enrol must show proof of their prior first aid certification with Australia Wide First Aid.

Includes:  Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (HLTAID001), Provide basic emergency life support (HLTAID002), and Provide first aid (HLTAID003).

Emergency Response in an Education and Care Setting

Emergency First Aid

The Emergency First Aid course is dedicated to emergency response for education and care settings, according to the requirements of the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA). This is a 9-hour training course.

Includes:  Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (HLTAID001), Provide basic emergency life support (HLTAID002), Provide first aid (HLTAID003), and Provide an emergency response in an education and care setting (HLTAID004).   

More Information about First Aid Certifications

There are only a few steps to attaining first aid certification with Australia Wide First Aid. Students must complete the required coursework, accomplish an e-learning assessment, provide a valid USI, and pay the full price of the module in order to receive an official Statement of Attainment. This document will be sent in PDF format to the student’s given email address within 24 hours.

Australia Wide First Aid assures you that its first aid training certificate will be valid anywhere in the country. Please note that each certification is valid for a specific period only. For example, the Provide First Aid certificate is valid for 3 years, while the CPR certificate is valid for 12 months. These courses are also a valid means of accruing CPD points.

Become a dependable citizen of Ipswich by mastering first aid. Reserve your slot for a training course in our Ipswich location today. For more information about our training courses, call us at 1300 336 613 or email us at

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