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* Our first aid courses comply with Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) guidelines.

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What to expect from our innovative
first aid training

Relaxed environment for first aid training and assessment.

First aid training procedures explained by highly experienced trainers, illustrated by real world examples.

Up-to-the-minute first aid knowledge and techniques.

Choice of locations and available dates to fit in with your schedule.

On-site group first aid course addressing health and safety concerns of your workplace, by arrangement.

First aid refresher courses. See industry recommendations for first aid certificate renewal.

Professional Development and Accreditation

Current CPR First Aid certification is often a requirement for employment or a condition for professional registration.

It is also recognised as a credit in continuing professional development.

If you have any questions about first aid certification and your profession, please call our friendly team on 07 3437 7500.

Why Learn First Aid?

1Why take a first aid course?
First aid is the provision of immediate care at a medical emergency until full medical help arrives. It aims to preserve life, relieve pain, and prevent the sick or injured person’s condition from deteriorating.

Knowing how to administer first aid can contribute substantially to a patient’s recovery prospects and potentially save a person's life.

First aid certification is also needed in many lines of work and can help jumpstart your career and improve your employability.

2What are the benefits of a First Aid Certificate?

Learning first aid is a perfect example of being prepared. It gives you the confidence to step in to offer immediate assistance in a medical emergency.

Injury and illness can occur at any time without warning — in the home, the workplace, in public spaces and at leisure spots.

First aid knowledge helps minimise risk. First aid training enables you to more easily identify potential hazards and formulate emergency response plans relevant to the circumstances.

First aid is also a requirement in many lines of work and a first aid certificate can help jumpstart your career and improve your employability.

3How do I become a First Aider?

You can quickly become a first aider by completing the study units of an accredited first aid course and earning the relevant Statements of Attainment.

At Australia Wide First Aid, this would include an online first aid course plus practical training and assessment under the guidance of a skilled instructor.

Australia Wide First Aid offers accredited training in CPR as well as the career-boosting courses Provide First Aid and Child Care First Aid.

Essential Information for First Aid Students

On our Student Information page, you'll find all the details about our first aid training and requirements.

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