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Our COVID Safe Plan

This short video explains the measures we have taken at Australia Wide First Aid to ensure safety during the pandemic. Please note, single-use gloves and bandages are available at locations […]
Calm As Shark Bite First Aid Slam Pack

Shark Attack First Aid Slam Pack

Has the thought ever popped into your head that a man-eater is watching you from the depths? It’d be a rare swimmer or surfer who hasn’t. Cue the theme music […]
dramatic helicopter rescue in the bush

A Guide to Safer Hiking in Australia

See The Great Outdoors in Australia & Live to Talk About It “In Australia, everything is out to kill you.” Hearing this may come with a hint of pride and […]
Caring for the elderly

Providing First Aid in Disabled and Aged Care

Providing First Aid in Disabled and Aged Care To work as a disability or aged carer, it is a requirement that you hold current certification in First Aid and CPR. […]
suicide illustrated by man's body falling into an abyss

Suicide Prevention &
First Aid Treatment

Suicide Prevention & First Aid Treatment Covid-19 is having its impact on Australia — not only in terms of lives tragically lost to the virus but also because of its […]
Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) – photo by Bernard Dupont

Shark Attack! What Can You Do?

Shark Attack First Aid and More Sharks won’t generally take a person whole. With most shark attack fatalities, the person bleeds to death. French surfer, Dylan Nacass, was attacked by […]
boy witnessing and perhaps also himself a victim of domestic violence

Domestic Violence First Aid

Coronavirus restrictions have seen a doubling of emergency treatment at Melbourne hospitals for episodes of family violence, according to ABC News. Domestic violence First Aid has never been more important. […]
mona-lisa-protection-protect-virus Photo by Yaroslav Danylchenko from Pexels

Best Covid Mask for First Aid?

The Coronavirus pandemic has made life difficult for everyone. For frontline health workers especially, First Aiders included, patient contact is fraught with danger. Health and safety measures are high on […]

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