As If, Jellyfish! First Aid on the Beach

A Sting in the Tale
‘Ouch! What was that? Nothing dampens a day at the beach like a tentacle wrapped around a limb. With so many creatures lurking close to shore in summer, it’s tough to know which ones are downright dangerous (Box Jellyfish) as opposed to just mildly irritating (sea lice – which BTW […]

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Universal First Aid Signs

Are you planning on travelling this summer break? Thinking of heading to a non-English speaking country? You’ve learnt the basic words of the destinations language; “yes”, “no”, “toilet”, “food”. But have you thought about learning “help”, “first aid”, “defibrillator”, “exit”, or “hospital”? Be First Aid prepared and educate you and your loved ones on how to ask for help […]

Road Safety: Christmas Holidays

This time of year is one of the most high risk times on Australia Roads with many people hitting the road to attend Christmas parties, end of year celebrations, and heading towards the coast for a well-deserved break. Driver’s must remember that travelling during holiday periods can be more risky because of increased traffic volumes, […]

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Lightning Strikes

The skies grow dark, it’s humid and sticky, there are bright flashes in the sky followed by rumbling. It’s storm season. If you find yourself on a golf course, a beach or out in the open when a storm suddenly hits, you need to think quickly.

Lightning is one of the most dangerous and frequently […]

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Holiday Decorating Safety

It’s December 1, which means it’s the first day of summer and the festive season has officially begun! The trees come out and the lights go up, but first, Australia Wide First Aid would like to warn you of the dangers which come with holiday decorating.

That’s right, falling off ladders while putting up Christmas […]

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DIY Travel First Aid Kit

You don’t have to be a doctor to help yourself, or others, in an emergency. If you have the first aid skills and tools to administer the care required, you will able to fasten recovery time, minimise the risk of infection, and in some situations, save a life.

Before you embark on your upcoming holiday, […]

Inland Waterway Safety

We all know supervision is a must and when we are at the beach, the safest place to swim is in between the flags. As summer approaches, swimming pool gates are checked and locked, but what precautions do we take when we travel to and swim in Inland Waterways?

In 2013-2014, Inland Waterways saw the highest […]

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What Does Drowning Look Like?

Unfortunately, 291 people drowned in Australian waterways between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013. From 291 lives lost, males claimed 238 of these lives compared to 53 females. Inland waterways including rivers, creeks, lakes, and dams represented 34 per cent of these drowning’s prompting an urgent message to all Australian’s –  ‘DROWNING DOESN’T […]

Head Injury

Signs and symptoms of a head injury can vary from person to person. The following information is a guide to the signs and symptoms you should be aware of after a bang to the head occurs.

Give First Aid this Mother’s Day, 2014

In Australia, more children die from injury than childhood cancer, asthma attacks, and infectious disease combined.

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