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Bee gathering pollen from a flower

Asthma Triggers… Do You Have a Plan?

When a person has asthma, certain "triggers" will cause their symptoms to become worse or even turn into an emergency. Create an action plan.

AED Myth Busters

Cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in Australia. Heart attacks are not the same thing. When compared, cardiac arrest is by far the more lethal of the two […]
Practising CPR on a mannikin

First Aid Course Melbourne – What You Can Expect?

Need a First Aid certificate in your job or volunteer role? If you’re looking for a serious career boost, you’ll find exactly that with our accredited First Aid course — […]
Group of diverse people in cpr training class

First Aid Course Sydney – What To Expect

Is a First Aid certificate needed in your job or volunteer position? Taking a First Aid course in Sydney — aside from being a bona fide career booster — is […]
Brown Snake head

Identification & Treatment of Snake Bites

Australia has around 100 venomous snakes — 12 with a bite that can kill. Our Sunshine Coast First Aid Training Centre has compiled some important advice on how to identify […]
First Aid Kit

What Is the Meaning and Importance of First Aid?

A First Aid certificate is a requirement for many Australian workers. Completing an accredited First Aid course could well give your job application the boost you’re looking for. Australia Wide […]
Imposing dark body of a venomous spider silhouetted

Spider Bites in Australia: Identification & First Aid

Australia is home to a vast array of spiders that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, many of which are the most venomous in the world - but Australia’s spider reputation is bigger than its bite.

What is DRSABCD?

What does DRSABCD stand for? Danger Danger needs to be dealt with, first and foremost. Anything that poses a threat to you, the victim, or bystanders with danger — moving […]

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