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 61 Limestone Street, Ipswich, Queensland 4305.

As an Australia Wide First Aid funded project, designed to put the health back into Workplace, Health and Safety, Beans and Greens Organic Cafe are very proud to be able to serve the Ipswich community with their daily organic juice, smoothie, raw shot or coffee.

Australia Wide First Aid is Australia’s leader in innovative first aid solutions, providing you with innovative first aid training and supplies. Not only do we focus on the aftermath of an injury through correct and innovative first aid treatment, we also focus on minimising the impact of medical costs and preventable diseases by encouraging the consumption of organic fruit and vegetables on a daily basis.

Australia Wide First Aid is and will continue to provide full funding for Beans and Greens Organic Cafe as the only cafe of its kind in Ipswich. To start the implementation of healthy living, the staff members of Australia Wide First Aid are being provided with a FREE juice or smoothie of their choice, every working day of the week. We hope the operation of Beans and Greens Organic Cafe will confidently demonstrate the cultural change we are implementing in our workplace and encourage it to be embraced by other businesses and the Ipswich community at large. Together, we can begin to move towards a revolutionary shift in healthy living.

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5 reasons why you should have a FRESH and ORGANIC JUICE, EVERY DAY.

Health and Detoxify

Having a fresh organic juice is one of the best and fastest ways to detoxify the body. Fresh juice is full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals that are easily digestible and quickly absorbed. Drinking a glass a day will will not only boost your health and detoxify your body, but it will give you more energy and increase your recovery from illness (such as winter colds).

Weight Loss

When you first start consuming your organic juice on a daily basis, you will notice your body change. Weight loss is one benefit of drinking juice, as well as strengthened immune system, better digestion, less allergies, balanced hormones, and less chance of catching viruses and diseases.

Vitamin Absorption

Your body will digest fresh juice in about 15 minutes and absorb most of the nutrients from it. It is good to consume raw vegetables as they contain much of the fibre, but juicing in the correct juicer will deliver high results too. Dehydrated? Have a Celery Juice. Tired? Drink a Green Juice (celery, kale, spinach and apple) with ginger or lemon.

Trace Minerals and Enzymes

When you make a fresh juice, it has naturally occurring minerals and enzymes in it that you won’t see in any bottled juice on the shelves of the supermarket. Along with the momentum of the vitamins being absorbed, you’re also fulfilling your soul’s fortress with pure, live, fresh, organic foods.

Reduces Cravings

Everyone can relate to having the afternoon three o’clock craving for some food or snack (usually unhealthy). The true beauty in juice is that you can create it to satisfy your craving. If you are after sugar, try an orange or apple juice. The sugar that comes from fruit and vegetables is naturally occurring and is ultimately better than processed sugars (such as those found in a chocolate bar).

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Drop in and say “HELLO” to our friendly staff while you try our juice of the week “THE DETOXIFER” containing Carrot, Beetroot, Celery, Ginger and Lemon.

Delicious, healthy and full of vitamins which will be absorbed in your body within 15 minutes. What more could you ask for?

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