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Australia’s Top Health Bloggers

Welcome to Australia Wide First Aid. Partly an occupational hazard, we spend a fair amount of time on the internet exploring health and wellness topics. We decided to scour the web for top Australian health blogs, and hand-picked 10 of the best that we follow, and believe offer some of the best health information available to Australians. We invite you to go through the list, check out each blog, and vote for your favorite. We’ll post the results right here!

Soul Sessions

Founder Eloise King has compiled a unique and distinctive collective of blog writers to create “Soul Sessions.” The blog focuses on conscious living, and its writers tackle issues as broad ranging as the election of a new Pope, the path to enlightenment and the pursuit of truth. There is something for everyone, and the tone and topics feed and renew the spirit.

The Wellness Warrior

Jessica Ainscough is a writer, holistic health coach, and self-proclaimed Wellness Warrior, which also happens to be the name of her blog.

According to Jessica, she’s “living proof that doctors aren’t always right, that wellness starts in your mind, and that YOU are the most important authority on your own health & body.”

After being diagnosed with a rare cancer called epitheloid sarcoma in her left arm, her doctor told her the only option was to amputate her arm.

Jessica decided against the amputation, took her health into her own hands and today shares her story and perspective with as many people as possible through her blog.

Over the past two years, Jessica has shared her wellness story with hundreds of thousands of online readers with daily blog posts, recipes, checklists, and inspiring interviews.

Wholesome Cook

Polish-born Australian blogger Martyna loves food. That’s why she launched the blog Wholesome Cook, a portfolio of sorts for her recipe development and testing business, and a place where she explores natural and mostly additive-free, sometimes vegan and allergy-friendly recipe ideas.

Martyna is based in Sydney, Australia, but often ventures out into the world of culinary delights in her own backyard, and abroad.

Her passions include photography, food styling, and food. “They became my second passion by default,” Martyna says. Martyna also spends a lot of time taking photos of her creations, as she believes “a cookbook without relevant emotive food photography is just a collection of notes that can never truly ‘speak’ to my desire to cook good food, because food is a sensory experience It’s impossible to convey many of the wonderful aromas of cooking on paper so photography tends to be an important aspect of what I do.”

The Nurse Path

Author of the blog “The Nurse Path”, Ian Miller is a registered nurse (RN) with nearly 23 years experience working in the Emergency Department of a major teaching hospital in Canberra, Australia.

Miller offers up an eclectic mix of reflections, tutorials and articles. They are intended to educate, inform and amuse-even inspire. We think you’ll agree Miller fulfills his blogging goals beautifully.

Last Chance Training

Liz Nelson is a forty-something exercise physiologist who loves nothing more than inspiring the world to fitness.

Nelson received her pharmacy degree, became a pharmacist, then quickly realized that she preferred a career focused on preventative health and disease management through simple lifestyle changes.

In the mid-90s she married and established a personal training business on the Sunshine Coast called “Living Fit Exercise Management.”

Her blog was borne out of her desire to share her knowledge with others, after having faced her own personal weight gain post-pregnancy. You can read her advice, tips and stories on her blog, Last Chance Training.



Laura is a 24-year-old blogger based in Sydney, Australia.

Laura’s blog has become the place for her to “share my life with the world in whatever way I feel like at the time.” She splits her time between blogging and university.

Her interests in nutrition lead her into university where she is currently studying for her bachelor’s degree.

On November 11th, 2000 Laura was seriously injured at a swim meet. She fell face first and hit her chin on the bottom of the shallow end of the pool. She is now paralyzed from the neck down.

Laura shares all of her life’s stories through her blog. She hopes everyone will enjoy the ride!

Vegan Sparkles

Vegan Sparkles is the creation of a vegan named Rebecca who lives in Perth, Western Australia.

Rebecca had been semi-vegetarian since she was a teenager, and made the transition to becoming a vegan at the beginning of 2011.

Rebecca’s goal is to make her blog largely uplifting and inspirational because “there’s more than enough negativity in this world, but also to help my friends and family to understand why I’m now choosing Vegan.”


Co-inside Wellbeing was created by Curtis and Candice Aiken, who began making fundamental changes to their lifestyle following a serious health scare, with the intention of sharing what they’ve learned. Based in Melbourne, they share their personal health stories, inspiration and philosophy with the world.

In 2010, Curtis was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and Candice was battling health issues of her own. Some time later he learned he no longer had multiple sclerosis, but the two of them wanted to continue to share their experiences, ideas and Candice’s healthy recipes.

Eat Run Write

Eat, Run, Write is a blog authored by a twenty-something girl named Erin, who lives in South Australia. Erin moved from Canada to Australia about five years ago, and currently works in communications and marketing in the public health sector.

She admits she does a “lot of eating,” which she shares on her blog. She eats a mostly plant-based diet, and loves to cook and try out new recipes. Her blog is fun, visually appealing and written with a healthcare twist.


Run With Kate

If you love running, then “Run with Kate” is a health blog that shares the trials and challenges of training for a marathon, dealing with “disordered eating” and basically life in general with running as the centerpiece. The blog’s author, 24-year-old Kate, lives in Sydney, Australia, and, as Kate says, she doesn’t run professionally, she just started jogging, grew more serious about it, and now can’t “imagine a life without some kind of training.” It’s a really fun, conversational blog loaded with running tips, observations and honesty.


Sally Symonds

Having transformed her own life totally – twice – Sally Symonds helps individuals and corporations re-invent themselves and change their own lives for the better. As Brisbane’s leading health, fitness and weight loss mentor, she will arm you with whatever it takes to inspire you and instill you with the confidence you’ll need to continue your own weight loss journey. And lucky for us, she blogs about weight loss, dieting and food, offering great advice at every turn.

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