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If someone’s heart stops, quick-thinking and proper CPR plays a huge part in improving their chances survival. A quick browse of CPR related news shows stories from around the world where ordinary people have had to call on their knowledge of first aid to resuscitate someone.

Mother Saves 1 Year Old Son, Sydney Australia

Just recently a Sydney mother, Kristy Arnold, had seconds to act when her one-year-old son Luca choked on a biscuit and stopped breathing. Kristy had completed a CPR Kids training course that equipped her with the skills she needed to save her son.

Veterinarian Saves Crash Victim, Massachusetts USA

Veterinarian, Kevin Kuhn, has performed CPR on animals numerous times but never on a person. That is, until recently when he came across a man who had crashed his car and had no pulse, Kevin acted quickly began chest compressions until an officer arrived on the scene with a defibrillator. The man was taken to hospital shortly after where he maintained a stable condition.

Chimp Tries to Resuscitate Her Friend, Rockhampton Australia

It appears that humans aren’t the only ones who see the value of CPR in medical emergencies. A 38 year old chimpanzee called Ockie recently dies from a heart condition at Rockhampton zoo. When keepers arrived they found the other chimps trying to nudge him awake and Holly, a female chimpanzee, appeared to be trying to do CPR.

22 Year Old UK Girl Saved, Australia

UK student Paige Hurley was working as a waitress in Australia when she collapsed because of an underlying heart condition. A doctor in the restaurant worked with volunteers to perform CPR while someone retrieved a defibrillator from the shopping centre upstairs. The volunteers followed the simple steps of the defibrillator and helped save Paige’s life.

Drummer’s Life Saved by CPR, Alaska USA

High School Drummer, Robbie Lewis, had just left the stage at a jazz festival when he collapsed and his heart stopped. Fellow student Sarah Maffe found Robbie and immediately began performing CPR. Sarah had learnt CPR when she was a lifeguard in Palmer.


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